Forest Leong
Chef / Co-Owner, Sam Leong @ Forest Cooking School
Forest Room
Chef Forest Leong

Having established her calling in the culinary field since the age of five, Chef Forest Leong’s specialty lies in the preparation of traditional Thai cuisine which she learnt from her father, who is a chef. An energetic individual who possesses a spirit to share, Forest is the chef and co-owner at Sam Leong @ Forest Cooking School which specialises in Chinese and Thai cuisine.

Together with her husband, they are realising their dream and passion for teaching at their cooking school and together aim to bring the best of Chinese, Thai and modern Asian cuisine to the world as they globetrot round the world to guest chef, consult and join efforts to bring the very best of culinary and gastronomic art and appreciation to eager students.

The couple has also represented Singapore in a number of prominent culinary events such as the Flavours of Asia event in Napa Valley, California (2004) and have received several awards including the Five Star Diamond Award in 2008. The chef couple, together with their culinary school are highly regarded and have been featured in Singapore television and culinary magazines all around the globe.

In the Forest Room

Chef Forest will be serving,
Braised Thai Vermicelli with Prawns