Jimmy Chok
Chef / Owner, JC Concepts
Cottage Room
Chef Jimmy Chok

Leading the charge for Chefs for A Cause, Chef Jimmy is considered as one of the most dynamic and talented chefs in today’s culinary scene. He is best known for his innovative recipe creations that marry Asian ingredients with western cooking methods, making his name synonymous with “fusion” cuisine.

Chef Jimmy’s invaluable 23 years of experience has seen him combining his knowledge of local Asian flavours with classic French cooking through his stints at various fusion restaurants such as Fig Leaf Restaurant, Tung Lok Group of Restaurants, House of Mao, Club Chinois, Tower Club Singapore, Butterbean Bistro, Coriander Leaf as well as his two own restaurants Salt and Bistro Soori. He has also consulted for over 20 restaurants, some of which include Club Street Social, Two Blur Guys, Lolla and Flock Café.

Constantly pushing himself to perfect his art, Chef Jimmy has participated in numerous culinary competitions including the renowned Bocuse D’or Competition Singapore 2003, where he emerged second runner up. Thereafter he was invited to judge the New Asia Cuisine category held in conjunction with Food and Hotel Asia 2004, as well as the Bocuse D’or Competition in Singapore in 2005. Chef Jimmy fusion cooking has also been featured in several cookbooks and his own cook book “Simple Cuisine Of A New Generation” boasting 60 recipes incorporating both eastern and western cooking techniques and ingredients.

In the Cottage Room

Chef Jimmy will be serving,
Norwegian Salmon Asian Style Marinate, Herb Rice Salad.